Advanced resourcesfor research and innovationin South-West Europein the field of lifeand health scienceswww.interbio-sudoe.euTo learn more about Interbio technology platforms:Visit the Interbio

Contact your local Interbio coordinator:What is Interbio ?Interbio is a leading South-West European lifesciences and biotechnology cluster that aims toadvance research and innovation throughinterregional and interdisciplinary cooperation.Interbio brings together research institutions,technology platforms and companies from theBarcelona, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Toulouse andValencia areas.

What is a technology platform?

It is the combination, on a single site, ofadvanced research instrumentation anddedicated scientific expertise.These research and innovation resources areavailable to public and private organizationsthrough contract services or collaborativeprojects.To learn more about Interbio technology platforms, visit theInterbio website or contact your local Interbio coordinator.

BIOCAT Catalonia, SpainNerea ALONSOTel : 0034 9 33 10 33 30E-mail : [email protected]

FIVEC Valencia, SpainAna BARBERÁTel : 0034 9 63 91 04 77E-mail : [email protected]

ITQB Lisbon, PortugalCláudio GOMESTel : 0035 1 214 469 100E-mail : [email protected]

IECB Bordeaux, FranceBrice KAUFFMANNTel : 0033 5 40 00 30 54E-mail : [email protected]

Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse, FranceClaude CHEVALETTel : 0033 5 61 28 51 17E-mail : [email protected]

How can you take advantage of Interbiotechnology platforms?

Search the Interbio website to find theexpertise you need within the Interbiocommunity.Develop collaborative research projects withthe support of InterbioSet up staff exchanges in the frame of Interbioso as to grow your technical skills.

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Toxicology & Food SafetyDrug DiscoveryPlant & Animal ResourcesPlant and Animal BreedingBiotechnology

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Structural Biology and Drug DiscoveryGenomic Platforms and Animal FacilitiesIECBCGFBwww.iecb.u-bordeaux.frwww.pgfb.u-bordeaux2.frb.kauffmann@[email protected]

  1. Bordeaux General contact for all facilitiesITQB Laboratório [email protected]
  2. Lisbon General contact for all facilitiesFIVECwww.fivec.orgwww.vitsalud.esana.barbera@[email protected]
  3. Valencia General contact for all facilitiesMore information about Catalan facilitiesBiocat – BarcelonaBiocat’s[email protected]
  4. Barcelona Human BiobanksMicroorganisms Resource Centres