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To foster cooperation within the network, Interbio regularly organizes scientific, technical, business and educational events. Registered Interbio partners are invited to participate in these events and can get financial support to cover their mobility costs.
For more information, please contact your local WP3 coordinator.
The Interbio closure meeting in Toulouse
31 may-1 june 2012

The Interbio closure meeting in Toulouse

After 4 years dedicated to the promotion of interdisciplinary research and technology transfer within South-West Europe, the Interbio project, funded by the EU programme INTERREG SUDOE IVB, will come to an end in June 2012.

A closure meeting will be held in Toulouse on May 31st-June 1st in order to highlight the key achievements of this interregional project, which brought together academic labs, companies and technology platforms from the Barcelona, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Toulouse and Valencia regions.

Over 2 days, the most innovative and rewarding initiatives launched in the frame of Interbio will be presented, through case studies, success stories and testimonies of participants. Special emphasis will be put on the main scientific and research-to-business events which paved those four years, as well as on the transnational collaborative projects that were initiated with the support of Interbio.

This closure meeting will also give the opportunity to the Interbio team to present a new INTERREG SUDOE project, focused on technology transfer and public-private cooperation, that was submitted in March 2012.

Finally, attendees will be invited to a tour of  the new “Toulouse Oncopôle”, which  gathers private companies, research centres and a new hospital completely dedicated to cancer.

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