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To foster cooperation within the network, Interbio regularly organizes scientific, technical, business and educational events. Registered Interbio partners are invited to participate in these events and can get financial support to cover their mobility costs.
For more information, please contact your local WP3 coordinator.
ITQB PhD Courses open to INTERBIO members
17 january-15 march 2011

ITQB PhD Courses open to INTERBIO members

Oeiras [PT], 22.12.10

PhD students at ITQB complement their research projects by attending an intensive PhD course in the beginning of their studies. The course aims not only to enrich the student's previous training in science but also to balance the excessive specialization inherent to the PhD project by providing contact with a range of different areas and experimental techniques. The PhD Course starts with three modules of advanced education in Chemistry and Structural Biology, Cell and Microbial Biology, and Biotechnology. In 2011, these three modules will be opened to INETRBIO members. The course starts on January 17.

The ITQB PhD Program in Chemical and Biological Sciences & Engineering  aims to provide a broad perspective of life sciences and bioengineering to highly motivated and qualified students. The program is built on the long-standing experience of ITQB in Biology and Chemistry, and their associated technologies, as well as other emerging areas.

Students from INTERBIO members wishing to attend any of the following modules should send an e-mail to info@itqb.unl.pt with a brief CV and a motivation letter. There are five places available for INTERBIO in each module.

Advances in Chemistry and Structural Biology (4 ECTS): Jan 17- Feb 4
Trends in Microbial and Cell Biology (4 ECTS): Feb 7 - Feb 25
Frontiers in Biotechnology (3 ECTS):  Feb 28 - Mar 15

The modules are run independently and include seminars, lectures, tutorials and round-table discussions. ECTS-credits attributed to each module are indicated.

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30 september-4 october 2012 - Animal Cell Technology Course
26-30 september 2012 - Stem Cell Technology Course
31 may-1 june 2012 - The Interbio closure meeting in Toulouse (Toulouse)
19-23 march 2012 - Interbio Science Communication Workshop (Lisbon)
10 february-30 june 2012 - A special issue of VIT SALUD about Interbio (Valencia)
20 december 2011-31 may 2012 - Call for Bioinformatics training sessions
17-18 november 2011 - Research to Business in Health Sciences and Technologies (Valencia)
5-7 may 2011 - INTERBIO Symposium: Frontiers in Protein Research (Lisbon)
20 january 2011 - Technologic platforms in health sector: a tool for R&D
17 january-15 march 2011 - ITQB PhD Courses open to INTERBIO members (Lisbon)
4-6 october 2010 - Barcelona Innovation workshops: NanoBiotechnology & IT for life sciences and medicine (Barcelona)
1-2 july 2010 - Second Biotechnology and Healthcare meeting in Montpellier
18-21 january 2010 - ''Forging Partnerships'' - FIVEC/PFCI (Valencia)
2-4 november 2009 - NanoSWEC - workshop IECB (Bordeaux)

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