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To foster cooperation within the network, Interbio regularly organizes scientific, technical, business and educational events. Registered Interbio partners are invited to participate in these events and can get financial support to cover their mobility costs.
For more information, please contact your local WP3 coordinator.
Second Biotechnology and Healthcare meeting in Montpellier
1-2 july 2010

Second Biotechnology and Healthcare meeting in Montpellier

This is the 2nd edition of the biotechnology and healthcare Euro-regional meetings held at Montpellier from 1-2 july 2010. The meeting combines conferences, business meetings and skills-demonstrations in order to facilitate contacts between the different players in the biotechnology and healthcare field; ranging from innovative companies, big pharma to academic research centres.

Interbio is associated with this meeting. Partners that offer "contract services" or teaching courses are urged to send delegates to this meeting so that we get a feel of what "academia to business", "business to business" or "business to academia" is all about. This meeting may help us:

  • to pitch better our strategy for communication with the business world (of particular importance for our website)
  • to streamline our offer of technology platform-services with the demands of potential business clients.

learn more at the Euro-Regional website

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20 january 2011 - Technologic platforms in health sector: a tool for R&D
17 january-15 march 2011 - ITQB PhD Courses open to INTERBIO members (Lisbon)
4-6 october 2010 - Barcelona Innovation workshops: NanoBiotechnology & IT for life sciences and medicine (Barcelona)
1-2 july 2010 - Second Biotechnology and Healthcare meeting in Montpellier
18-21 january 2010 - ''Forging Partnerships'' - FIVEC/PFCI (Valencia)
2-4 november 2009 - NanoSWEC - workshop IECB (Bordeaux)

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