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INTERBIO interdisciplinary training course  General oncology and antitumor therapeutics
5-8 july 2010

INTERBIO interdisciplinary training course General oncology and antitumor therapeutics


While being essentially based on various knowledges related to oncology, the objective of the course is also to apprehend a medical decision-making process.

After a reminder of the biological characteristics of the tumor cells and related therapeutics, the focus will be on the exploitation of diverses expertises at the service of the patient.

In addition attention will be paid on employment opportunities resulting from new partnerships and networks between health sector, research, industry and social services.

 Target Public:

  • Students and professional from all scientific fields, interested in learning about a major health problem and willing to exploit their skills in health approach:
  • Master, Engineers & PhD students, from university and engineer schools
  • Post Doctorate & Researchers, from lab research,
  • Engineers & Researchers from industry

 Venue :

Claudius Regaud Institute 
20-24, rue du pont St-Pierre
31052 Toulouse Cedex – France

Date : 4 days session, from 5 till 8 of July 2010.


In the frame of Interbio Project:
Free registration for all participants that are members of INTERBIO in the regions of Midi-Pyrénées, Cataluña, Valencia, Lisbon and Aquitaine.

Travel & subsistence costs will be supported by the Interbio partner in your region

Out of the frame of Interbio Project or other regions:
Registration fees: 1.000 €. In addition, travel & subsistence costs paid for by your organisation.

Regional contact:

Scientific contacts

Administrative contacts

Midi-Pyrénées: amboudet@scsv.ups-tlse.fr
Aquitaine: i.kramer@iecb.u-bordeaux.fr
Cataluña:  nalonso@biocat.cat
Valencia:  apineda@cipf.es
Portugal:  miguel@itqb.unl.pt

Midi-Pyrénées: angela.moca@adm.ups-tlse.fr
Aquitaine:   s.montagner@iecb.u-bordeaux.fr
Cataluña:  comunicacio@biocat.cat
Valencia:  arturo.ortigosa@fivec.org
Portugal:  mlurdes@itqb.unl.pt

Registration :
Fill in the registration form click on this link, after approval of your application by the local scientific Interbio contact and send the information to the administrative contact.

More information :
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5-8 july 2010 - INTERBIO interdisciplinary training course General oncology and antitumor therapeutics

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