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L’Institut Européen Chimie et Biologie (IECB) is involved with the INTERBIO project under the auspices of the Aquitaine-Limousin offices of the CNRS. This office is responsible for the management of over twenty European projects within the framework of the 7th PCRD, several INTERREG and a SUDOE. The IECB, placed under the responsibility of the CNRS, the Inserm and Bordeaux University, is developing top rank scientific programs in physics-chemistry and chemistry-biology, and seeks to encourage multi-disciplinary interaction. One of the founding principles of the university is the non-permanent nature of teams. These are selected by the Conseil Scientifique International at the highest level for a two year trial period before being hired on a four year contract, renewable once. The IECB provides logistical support to young researchers from all walks so they can develop their projects. The IECB has several top level technical specialities including structural biology (NMR, crystallography, electronic microscopics, mass spectrometry, molecular modelling, surface plasmon resonance).

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