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Post-doctoral position : Development of innovative methods to measure tannin effects on parasitic ne
22 march-2 april 2012

Post-doctoral position : Development of innovative methods to measure tannin effects on parasitic ne

This post doctoral position for an Experienced Researcher (ER) aims at developing novel methods and approaches to measure the anthelmintic (AH) effects of bioactive condensed tannins and ellagitannins against nematodes and to elucidate their modes of action against different stages of these parasitic worms in ruminants.


The Experienced Researcher will be part of the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network,LegumePlus, which will provide multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral research and training activities within Europe on legumes containing bioactive metabolites. The ER will be expected: 1/ to standardise the in vitro assays in two veterinary parasitology laboratories (collaboration with University of Copenhagen, DK) and to train PhD students in these methods; 2/ to develop a method for measuring the effects of tannins and related compounds on the fertility of adult nematodes using the free living model, Caenorhabditis elegans; 3/ to develop a method to isolate proteins from nematode infective larvae for further analysis of the interactions between tannins and parasite proteins (collaboration with partners from Reading University, UK and Turku University, FI); 4/ to develop methods of extracting tannins from different digestive contents and materials (faeces) to generate data on the pharmacodynamics of tannins against GINs (collaboration with Wageningen University, NL, and INRA Theix, Clermont Ferrand, FR); 5/ to develop and calibrate NIR measurements to evaluate the AH properties of different tannin containing legumes (Sainfoin, L. corniculatus) (collaboration with INRA Clermont- Ferrand); 6/ to prepare scientific articles to disseminate results to the scientific and academic community; 7/ to participate in knowledge transfer activities on the AH effects of tannin-containing legumes in collaboration with private partners in the UK andioactive metabolites.


Living and mobility allowances wil be paid according to the EU Marie Curie regulations

Additional Job Details

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