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Editorial by Pr Ijsbrand Kramer, WP3 coordinator
21-31 march 2012

Editorial by Pr Ijsbrand Kramer, WP3 coordinator

One of the key objectives of Interbio is to create a south-west European network of collaborating laboratories. We envision that, in the future, this network serves as a nucleus to which companies, technology platforms and technology transfer offices adhere in order to achieve a spirit of technology transfer. Not only this, these collaborative structures must also serve to focus attention on our combined research-efforts in the hope that funding may be more forthcoming. Interbio has been successful in this respect, roughly 20 collaborative projects are underway, implying both labs and technology platforms. We applaud the initiatives of the group leaders.

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30 september-4 october 2012 - Animal Cell Technology Course
26-30 september 2012 - Stem Cell Technology Course
31 may-1 june 2012 - The Interbio closure meeting in Toulouse (Toulouse)
28-30 may 2012 - 9th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics: From Laboratory to Clinical Practice (Valencia)
5-12 april 2012 - A STREAK FLIM SYSTEM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy) to study protein-protein interaction (Toulouse)
23-31 march 2012 - Novel strategies to fight tuberculosis (Valencia)
21-31 march 2012 - Editorial by Pr Ijsbrand Kramer, WP3 coordinator (Bordeaux)
19-23 march 2012 - Interbio Science Communication Workshop (Lisbon)
12 march 2012 - A new chemistry for drug design - Researchers develop ampicilin-based ionic liquids (Lisbon)
12 march 2012 - Training opportunities in Lisbon technological platforms (Lisbon)

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