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Health Programme 2008-2013: Call for 2011
17-28 may 2011

Health Programme 2008-2013: Call for 2011

Publication Date: 4 March 2011

Deadline: 27 May 2011

The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) is entrusted by the European Commission to implement the Health Programme. This is mainly done through financing four types of different actions: projects, conferences, joint actions and operation grants. Those actions intend to have a special European dimension, meaning that a minimum of various partners of different European Countries have to be involved in the project plan. For more specific information please see the respective Programme actions.
For receiving a European grant projects generally have to contribute at least to one of the 3 main objectives of the Health Programme (2008-2013):

  • to improve citizens’ health security;
  • to promote health, including the reduction of health inequalities;
  • to generate and disseminate health information and knowledge.

Organisations from other countries can only participate as subcontractors or collaborating partners.

Please notice: Financial support is not available for individuals. Only legally established organisations are able to apply (such as non-governmental organisations, public sector bodies, public administrations, universities, higher education establishments etc.). More specific information is enclosed in the different Programme actions.

There are 4 additional principles which you have to focus if you want to apply:

  • Co-financing rule: you need to have your own financial resources (or financial resources of third parties). The EAHC will normally subsidize between 50–60 percent of the eligible costs. (*for further specific information please see the respective actions)
  • Non-profit rule: the grant may not have the purpose or effect of producing a profit (* for conference fees are considered as income)
  • Non-retroactivity rule: you can get co-funding only for the costs incurred after the starting date
  • Non-cumulate rule: each action may give rise to the award of only one grant to any one beneficiary

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