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overview of GT3 activities of the Interbio project (Bordeaux)
1 june 2012

overview of GT3 activities of the Interbio project (Bordeaux)

Attached you will find a slide show that reports the GT3 activities of INTERBIO (collaborative projects, summer schools, partnering conferences and workshops.

the slideshow has been presented bij IJsbrand Kramer during the 2nd day of the INTEBRIO closing meeting, held from 31 may to 01 june at the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

RSS Feed
1 june 2012 - overview of GT3 activities of the Interbio project (Bordeaux)
15 april-30 june 2012 - Biocat and Interbio publish White Book to help public research in healthcare reach the market (Barcelona)
23-24 march 2012 - A fruitful collaborative project between Lisbon and Toulouse (Toulouse)
19-23 march 2012 - Interbio scientists learn how to communicate science (Lisbon)
9 january-19 march 2012 - 10 days at IECB in the frame of a Lisbon-Bordeaux Interbio project (Bordeaux)
17-18 november 2011 - The R2B meeting held in Valencia bodes well for the future of Interbio (Valencia)
17-18 november 2011 - Research to Business in Health Sciences and Technologies (Valencia)
19 october 2011-30 june 2012 - A special report about Interbio in the regional magazine “Chercheurs d’Aquitaine” (Bordeaux)
14 october 2011-30 april 2012 - The brochure about Interbio technology platforms is out !!! (Bordeaux)
22-30 september 2011 - Summer School on NMR Applications: Latest INTERBIO initiative at ITQB dedicated to protein research (Lisbon)
26-30 june 2011 - 250 researchers and entrepreneurs for the Interbio week (Bordeaux)
14-30 june 2011 - Interbio collaborative project on MicroRNAs in Eucalyptus tension wood expands into EU project (Toulouse)
20 may-31 august 2011 - An Interbio collaborative project with Bordeaux leads to FP7 application (Barcelona)
19-20 may 2011 - Over 110 participants at the IECB Young Scientist Symposium 2011 (Bordeaux)
5-7 may 2011 - INTERBIO Symposium: Frontiers in Protein Research (Lisbon)
5-7 may 2011 - Frontiers in protein research highlighted in Interbio Symposium (Lisbon)
1 april-31 december 2011 - Over 200 000 beads from Bordeaux screened in Barcelona in the frame of Interbio (Bordeaux)
14-15 february 2011 - Report of the brainstorm meeting about the future of Interbio held in Toulouse in February 2011 (Toulouse)
21 january 2011 - Technological resources in the health sector: a tool for R&D&I (Valencia)
20 january 2011 - Technologic platforms in health sector: a tool for R&D
17 january-15 march 2011 - ITQB PhD Courses open to INTERBIO members (Lisbon)
4-6 october 2010 - Barcelona Innovation workshops: NanoBiotechnology & IT for life sciences and medicine (Barcelona)
31 august-10 september 2010 - An Interbio Interdisciplinary Summer School in Toulouse
5-8 july 2010 - Student feedback on the Interbio training course “General oncology and antitumor therapeutics” (Toulouse)
1-2 july 2010 - Second Biotechnology and Healthcare meeting in Montpellier
1-2 july 2010 - Report of the 2nd Biotechnology and Healthcare Euro-Regional Meeting held in Montpellier
27-28 may 2010 - young researchers symposium - IECB (Bordeaux)
12 april 2010 - Frontiers in Chemical Biology: towards transnational interdisciplinary research in south west Europe (Lisbon)
18-21 january 2010 - ''Forging Partnerships'' - FIVEC/PFCI (Valencia)
2-4 november 2009 - NanoSWEC - workshop IECB (Bordeaux)


6 december 2011-10 february 2012 - StatHTG - Statistical Analysis of High Throughput Post-Genomic Data in Toulouse
11-22 july 2011 - SSM3 (3rd Summer School on Medicines)
5-8 july 2010 - INTERBIO interdisciplinary training course « General oncology and antitumor therapeutics »

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